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Lauran Sundin


Lace designer - Lauran Sundin

Lauran Sundin is a renowned artisan whose innovations on traditional lace-making techniques have won her many awards and exhibitions worldwide.

I have followed her work on the web for quite a long time and this year was lucky enough to go on a two day Wire Lace course, it was a wonderful experience!

Take a look in the Gallery to view a sample of her beautiful work.

Lauran's Biography

Although I am originally from Rhode Island I now use New Hampshire as a base. My husband Steve, a devoted boat fan, and I spend the winter months in the southern part of the United States, the summers on our tug boat in Maine and our canal boat in England for the spring months each year, where I can get serious quiet lace time.

As I mentioned I'm from Rhode Island where Victorian style houses are the norm. When I was 12 I came across a book in the library about Frank Lloyd Wright. His work was so unlike the architecture surrounding me I was fascinated. What captivated me most about his work was his honesty and simplicity. Structural support instead of being hidden became part of his design. I learned that his approach to this method was based on Japanese architecture. This led me to investigate not only Japanese architecture but also Japanese art which of course led me to their textiles.

This fascination with Japanese design ultimately led me to the University of Hawaii where they have an East/West centre and many teachers from the Orient. I started with a double major in architecture and fibre. In the end the textiles won out but my early studies in architecture have given my work the structural integrity that three dimensional wire lace requires.

This honesty and directness of design has been my goal. Like Japanese architecture and Art- the concepts and construction are often complex but the end result is simple and elegant. On loom weaving in the traditional way just didn't work for me. While still in school I started experimenting with 3-D shapes.

Frustration with the limitations of loom weaving lead me to seek out loom solutions to create the images that I could see in my mind. This search eventually led me to bobbin lace.

With my weaving background I realised that the Bobbin Lace technique actually is a weaving technique; but a weaving technique that not only allows me to weave in any direction, both to 2D and 3D; but also to change warp for weft at will. As you can imagine this was truly a new Eureka moment.

Using gold and silver wire I have made a good living making dimensional jewellery using both weaving and Bobbin Lace techniques.

A few years ago, I decided to give back to the Bobbin Lace community and share what I have learned about working with wire.

Entering exhibitions has enabled me to demonstrate the potential of the Bobbin Lace technique. I am beginning to teach and I'm in the process of writing a book.