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Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof


Lace designer - Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof I first met Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof through a friend when I mentioned my wish to learn about Withof Lace.

I was introduced to a wonderful lace workshop run by Yvonne, it was a great Withof work out and so much fun. Yvonne's Lace Work and designs are so exciting. Yvonne has also written many great books on Withof and Bedfordshire.

See some of Yvonne's work in the Gallery.

Yvonne's Biography

My life as a lace maker began in 1977, when I fell in love with English bobbins.

I was living in England with my family at the time, on Saturdays I took my children to a craft school in Guildford. Whilst they had tuition I had time to walk around the shops. My eye caught the window of an antique shop with beautifully decorated wooden and bone sticks with glass beads at the end. I became fascinated and walked past the shop every week.

Some weeks later I visited an exhibition where there were people demonstrating, to my surprise, I saw someone making lace with those ‘sticks’. Now that I knew what could be done with them I wanted to do it myself. I enrolled for a beginners' course in lace making and went back to the antique shop to buy my first bobbins. Over a period of many years I learned a variety of techniques.

During my stay in Asia I acquainted myself with Asian art and was struck by its beauty, which made me wish to work Asian motifs into lace. For me a new adventure in lace had begun. I experimented with techniques to recreate the picture I had in mind. I wanted my lace to be ‘alive’. I wanted to ‘paint’ with threads.

About 30 images have been pictured, like the gold pheasant, the dragon, crane, kite flyers, chimes and the chrysanthemum, to show everybody how beautiful lace can be. On top of that I have described the meaning and the symbolism just as I have done for the Chinese phoenix in the sample pages.

Yvonne Scheele-Kerkhof 2013