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Renate Hawkins


Lace designer - Renate Hawkins I first met Renate Hawkins when the Bristol Lace Group was formed for all those who had done the 4 year University Lace course. She began the course after I had finished so we never actually met during our studies. When I became the one to organise the Groups first big exhibition, Ladies Day at Ascot, I asked Renate if she would come on board as by then I realised that her ideas and mine seemed to gel on how an exhibition should look.

I am delighted Renate has decided to share some of her bobbin lace designs with us, her natural flair for colour and design and the beautiful way she works her threads will, I'm sure, excite all potential designers.

You can read a little more about this designer below and view her lace gallery here.

Renate's Biography

Withof Bee by Renate Hawkins I was born in Austria in the 1940s. My training in Advertising and Commercial Art in Vienna led me into working as a Graphic Designer in an Advertising Agency.

In the 1970s I came to England and this is where I met my husband and settled down. The next 16 years were spent travelling as my husband's work placements took us into many countries. It was whilst in Brussels in the 1980s that I had the good fortune to start my journey into Bobbin Lace making.

In the 1990s I took an in-depth lace course at the University of the West of England in Bristol where I was introduced to designing lace. I still get a huge satisfaction finishing a piece of lace of my own design.

The colour and sheer beauty of the Venetian Carnival often inspires my lace designs.