Carnival lace mask

Lace by Design

Design in Lace

I don't profess to be the world's greatest designer but I do profess to being addicted to designing my own lace, especially in colour. Each new idea brings a challenge that excites me.
Celtic fan in silk and gold

My Lace Mantra - Never say Never

You don't have to be an artist to design your own lace, look around; we are surrounded by design possibilities.
  • Take photographs; begin with your garden or a friend's, full of shape, colour and texture.
  • The Pharaohs for their use of gold.
  • Old textiles for rhythm of patterns.
  • Tribal art for pattern weavings and use of beads and fringing.
  • Old/Modern Architecture will give you motifs, patterns, textures and shapes.
  • Buy or make a scrap book for all your findings. One of the most valuable things to me is my sketch book spiral bound to allow sticking in samples etc:

Chosen Design

Sketch and initial lace design
Some designs do a lot of growing in ones head so give yourself time to mull it over. When you are ready with your design, drawn or traced, then comes the exciting part of finding your thread and any other materials you might need for the finished lace.

Make your Sample

This is important it will show:
  • Whether your thread is a suitable weight
  • If your design is workable
  • Do you need to change your design slightly to accommodate a shape?
  • Do the colours work up as you had hoped?
All the above is better found out before the final piece of lace is completed.

Nothing New?

Well they say nothing is new, you only have to look at fashion and design through the ages to see that's true, but the picture that might influence you is just the seed, the rest is up to you.

If you have something to add, please get in touch. I would love to hear your views.