Carnival lace mask

Lace by Design


Working on some new lace
This site is all about lace and design and the thought of talking about myself too much isn't something that really appeals.

However, I've been told that some people may want to know a bit about my background so below is a potted history of how I came to be involved with lace and design work:

  • My "formal" introduction to art was in the 70's when I was a part time student at the West of England Art Academy
  • 1985 I first started to "dabble" with bobbin lace
  • 1990-94 I took a 4 year certificated course in the History and Techniques of the 4 British laces
  • Since the 1970's I have exhibited in both fine art and lace.

I have always been interested in art and design and while I was a student at The West of England Art Academy I was lucky enough to use the studios at Bower Ashton. It was at that point that one of the tutors suggested that I should think about designing.

In 1985 I retired from my work in a gallery and it was at this time that Fushia lace bookmark I was introduced to bobbin lace and its history. In 1988 a group of lace tutors together with the then Bristol poly/Uni was thinking of running a 4 year certified lace course. The structure was a year for each lace; Torchon, Bucks/floral, Bedfordshire/floral and Honiton.

At the end of the course I felt I had all the ammo I needed to go it alone and design my own lace with perhaps a little added zest to try and illustrate that the craft was still evolving.

As a contemporary craft and design element lace had an image problem, often thought of as old fashioned and fussy I wanted to change that image through colour and modern use.... I am still learning.